Can I become a member of the club?
We have two classes of membership. One is for hangar owners who are voting members of the club. The other class is for non voting members.
Can I build a hangar on vacant land at Kilcoy?
No, we are already at the maximum number of buildings permitted under our Development control Plan (DCP).
Can I have an aircraft tied down in the open?
Short term is not a problem, however any long term occupation would require club consideration.
Am I free to operate into and out of Kilcoy without any cost or permission?
Yes, however if you are based at the field, a club membership is required. (voting or non voting as determined by hangar ownership.)
Does the South East Queensland Sport Aircraft Club organise competition days and fly-ins?
No, the Club is not a flying or social club. We are the entity that holds the Lease on the airfield and administers the field in accordance with the Lease conditions. In the future fly-ins may be organised, so keep an eye on our website for details.
Is carriage of radio essential?
No, if you are radio equipped the default frequency of 126.7Mhz is used.
Is the field open to both RAAus registered and VH registered aircraft?
Yes, the current mix of hangar owners is roughly even.
Is camping allowed?
No. Because the airfield is in a catchment area for the Somerset Dam, it is a requirement of SEQWater that camping is not permitted
Is there access to Lake Somerset for boating or seaplane operations?
Can anyone buy a hangar at Kilcoy?
Yes, subject to the process of becoming a Club member. Any prospective purchaser of a hangar should contact the management committee to ascertain the requirements of club membership and hangar ownership.
How much does it cost to become a Club member?
To be a full voting member, ie hangar owner, there is a joining fee,currently $5000 and an annual subscription of $100. The joining fee recognises that there has been an enormous amount of work done and expenditure outlaid over the last two decades.
Apart from the leasehold real estate and approval, we have two tractors and mowers, a ride-on mower, windsocks, toilets, clubhouse and 3km of fencing as well as substantial earthworks. In essence, a new hangar owner benefits from a 1/40
th undivided share. For non-voting members, a $500 joining fee and $100 annual subscription is applicable.

Can I run a flight school at the field?
No, the Lease prohibits any commercial operations.
Is there a designated parking area?
Yes, to the immediate N of the strip on the W side. We ask that members take extreme care while on the premises due to wet areas and suggest parking outside the fence when possible. Visitors are asked to park outside the fence.
Are helo ops approved?
Yes, however, the one and only designated landing spot is to the immediate N of the strip on the E side of the taxiway. Under no circumstances are helicopters permitted in the hangar precinct under their own power.
Are there any noise-sensitive areas?
Kilcoy airfield is respectful to the needs of our neighbours and all aircraft are asked to avoid overlying any nearby houses at low level. Additionally, there is a farmhouse to the N about 1nm we avoid flying over. Please see the airport diagram on our Operations page for its exact location.
I am interested in buying a hangar, where are they advertised?
Hangars do change hands inevitably. If you leave your details with the Club, you will be put in contact with anyone wishing to sell. You can also click HERE to be taken to the classified section of our website.