Where We Are

Lat / Long: S 26 57 00 E 152 34 00
Located 2Nm south of township
ELEV 400 ft.
CTAF 126.7

RWY 09/27: 1000m between the fences, but plan on 800m useable

Upslope to the east

Preferred landing 09 (due to upslope)

Local traffic regulations: All circuits left hand

Local Traffic Regulations
1.       Visitor ACFT PRKG south of hangars and west of TWY.
2.       HEL OPS: hovering and PRKG South of hangars and East of TWY only. HEL to exercise extreme caution as rotor wash may dislodge RWY marker cones.
Flight Procedures
1.       CCTS for YKCY resident aircraft permitted HJ only.
2.       Commercial CCTS operations not permitted
3.       HEL OPS HN require written permission from AD OPR, except in EMERG.
Noise Abatement
1.       Avoid flying over noise sensitive farm house 1NM to the north of the field.
2.       Avoid low level CCTS on RWY 09.
Additional Information
1.       Following extended rain periods, parts of the AD SFC may become soft. Guidance should be sought from OPR prior to use.

After heavy rain, try to avoid “wet spot” adjacent to primary wind indicator (favour the south side of the strip if possible)
Fly Neighbourly:
Avoid overflying any farmhouses.
Particularly avoid the farmhouse 1Nm to north when on downwind for 09

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Important information on UAV Operations to the East of YKCY.