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Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association of Australia

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Australian Ultralight Federation and Recreational Aviation Australia

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Get up-to-the-minute weather and warnings from the Bureau of Meteorology

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A government-owned corporation providing safe and environmentally sound air traffic management and related airside services to the aviation industry.

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The Future of Air Navigation is Here Know where you’re going .... And how to get there.
for your iPad and iPhone (soon for Android)....

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Full-service Photobook Design and Printing. Perfect for coffee-table books of everything from airplanes to weddings, special occasions, holidays, and much more. Each album uniquely styled for you.

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Located at Caboolture Airfield, ADFA provides flight reviews (AFR), transport licence theory, aviation consultancy service, airline set-up and establishment, along with pilot/engineering ground schools. Ring them at 5428 1195 or go to their website, www.aerodynamic.com.au

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ARTHUR J GALLAGHER Insurance Brokers (formerly OAMPS) have been the endorsed insurance provider for the South East Queensland Sport Aircraft Club (SEQSAC) for over 20 years. They can provide SEQSAC members with risk management advice on not only aviation insurance, but a full range of insurance products including business and personal needs insurance. Contact Mike Vidler at 3367 5045 for an obligation free assessment.

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Your link to CASA

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All you need to know about the Somerset Dam Recreation area